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Chairmans Financial is an international holding company focussed on licensed financial services.

We make significant investments and connect the dots to make good things happen for banks, non-bank financial services and large corporates worldwide.

a planetary-scale machine.

About the Company

Chairmans originates and finances acquisitions and special projects through strategic co-investments and syndications. We manage pre-development, launch and operation expansions, long-term reserve capital and treasury management and exit liquidity events.

The objective is a portfolio of banking and fintech operations interacting in a strategic ecosystem. With easy to evaluate templated contracts and operations accumulating retained interests in well-defined streams of long-term monthly recurring revenue (MRR) we drive risk out of the risky through scale and mitigation. By bringing transparency and certainty into the bricks, mortars and vaults of traditional banking through the power of fintech, simple logic and fairness, our clients, operating partners and investors have clarity by Banking Inside.

In all cases Chairmans is part of the core principals as an active manager providing oversight and decison-making as a responsible and accountable invested owner.

Bank Inside

Every person and company in every part of the world needs either more banking or different banking.

Faster, better, tailored, responsive, cost-effective, transparent and fair.

To bring focus to the noise, successful banks and fintechs have coalesced around select proven technologies with reasonable levels of certainty regarding capital costs and performance.

Chairmans Financial has an exclusive focus on the following special project types:

Frictionless Onboarding

Machine learning

Bank Acquisitions

Chairmans Financial has special projects underway in each of these priorities in each of our select jurisdictions.

Transaction Efficiency

The flipside of banking at a planetary-scale is transaction efficiency. Chairmans has focussed on the universal:


Remittance & F/X

Cards & Smartphone Apps

Chairmans has projects underway in each of these priorities in each of our select jurisdictions.


Chairmans Financial has an exclusive focus on high priority jurisdictions with market entry and scale. These jurisdictions change over time, contact us to learn more.

Our team is led by world class industry leaders with decades of success.

Chairmans is an assembly of leaders each with successful careers contributing to a long list of noteworthy companies, projects and achievements.

While Chairmans is a new company, it draws on this high value experience and an international network of experts.

The core team is supported by local partners at the corporate subsidiary level with legal, accounting and technical experts assigned to projects alongside specialty contractors.

Efficiency and effectiveness rule by working with the best. Due to the high calibre talent, internal collaboration is based on non-hierarchical open communication throughout the team.

A complete Management Team list with biographies is available on request.

Jordan Oxley

Managing Director


Temo Tcheishvili

Managing Director


Chairmans is led by Managing Directors Jordan Oxley and Temo Tcheishvili.

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We're happy to introduce other key team members that are a best fit to your interests.

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We are always open to discuss new investments, strategic co-operation and special projects.

Your priorities may fit our plans, so let's start a conversation.


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